Creature Keeper

Character design

Creatures you need to look after in the game need to be cute, simple, and easy to animate, and customize. This is why through many projects we reject our biases, and chosen one that fits this description. Final body is flexible to put in different position. With as lowest possible files we can animate this character into different positions front, and side, as we please.


Interaction with creature

Small and cute creatures can maintain their legacy only when user can play with them accordingly. This is exactly why I spent dozens of hours to study what internet likes besides cute animals, and that was memes. They were great inspiration in creating animations for interaction with creature.

Social media

Creature has it's own social media on Tumblr and facebook. Main goal is to communicate that the game is in making progress. After release it will promote it by some competitions, voting, etc. The main role is played obviously by creature and communication is made completly by one of them. Language is informal and aim for quite vast audience, focused on internet genre.

It is st Patric's day people! Have freaking fun today!!!

Geplaatst door Creature Keeper op vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Can you help me? I really need to do something 🙁

Geplaatst door Creature Keeper op vrijdag 17 maart 2017