Ljubljana fits you

City of fitness

Our idea was to keep it as simple as possible. We took two major factors of this task - being active and natural environement. Inspired by work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo we decided to play with illusion and combine both issues into the one plain and smooth visual statement. After doing research about city, and other subjects related to this task, we have done fast brainstorm and we got our hands dirty shortly after that. See the effect by yourself.

Copy: Katarzyna Harmata
Design: Piotr Bajbak


Brief for this competition

Make a poster that represents Ljubljana as a city of sport on a number of green areas. The poster should be designed so that the idea enables a series of posters and use on all the necessary communication channels (digital media, print ads, etc.).

Target group: residents and visitors of Ljubljana.

Advantages for residents/visitors if they are engaged in sports: The most beautiful sport experiences on a number of green areas in Ljubljana. Accessibility and orderliness of sports and recreational areas. Test of sport condition on the most mass sport and recreational events in nature – outdoor. Fitness and well-being.

Communication objective: Encourage residents and visitors of Ljubljana to engage in sport activities in nature, since Ljubljana has a lot of green areas (more than 542 m2 per resident or 90 hectares of new green areas that were created from previously degraded areas).

Sports that Ljubljana wants to communicate: Hiking and jogging, Cycling, Trim, Outdoor fitness, Rowing and SUPing, Swimming and urban sports, Golf, Tennis, Beach volleyball, Basketball and football

Communication area: Communication activities will be carried out in Slovenia (Ljubljana).