Maze Battles

Straight from the underground maze

Idea of the game was born in early july 2016 in Hubert's mind. Maze Battles is a turn based game in which two players must create thier own mazes and then you discover your opponents maze in less moves to win. Players earn points after winning battle. Earning enough points levels up player in global ranking. Users battle to maintain thier rank in Hall of Fame.Game is similar to battleships system, and can be played in multiplayer mode only. Try it by yourself on android or iOS.

Huberts idea was quickly transfered into working prototype. After that Peter worked on game flow, and working together playable concept was finished. We decided to give it underground theme, with simple cartoon graphics, and frame by frame animation effects. Simple game deserves simple interface.

Design: Piotr Bajbak
Development: Hubert Leszczyński