Why Eurojust?

Since its establishment, Eurojust grew bigger and more mature. In the near future, it will face new challenges and it needs a new logo design as well as a new organization identity. The creation of new image began with the analysis of the old one:

  • pictorial symbol cannot function alone
  • too many colors
  • brand claim not included in design
  • typography is too small
  • design is not noble enough



New Eurojust logo should have a more noble form. The most interesting and recognizable symbol which represents law is lady justice - this is why I decided to present her two artifacts: sword and scales. Logo should also relate to European Union, and its rich history of law philosophy. This is why I used symbolism of a column that represents court buildings, and historical aspects of European law. Laurel used in this design is also associated with European culture and symbolizes triumph of fairness. In addition, I decided to find human aspect in the new identification. That’s why the new logo has caring hands as part of scales - visual communication of equity, cooperation and safety.

New logo is inspired by European justice symbols, but it also has a lot in common with other worldwide organizations that fight crime, help people in need, or struggle for human rights.


[ pictorial symbol meanings ]


[ logo orientation variations ]


Lato is a sanserif type­face fam­ily designed in Sum­mer 2010 by Warsaw-​​based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Sum­mer” in Pol­ish). In Decem­ber 2010 the Lato fam­ily was pub­lished under the open-​​source Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with sup­port from Google.


[ LATO 2.0 font in logotype ]


[ logo free area principles]


[ color schemes ]


[ logo in use on street citylight]
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[ headquaters in Hague]
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[ branding used on office supplies ]
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